Cart Life


A simulator game that reminds us how hard life can be


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Cart Life is a management game in which the player takes the role of an ordinary person, perhaps a little unfortunate, who lives in a small town in the western United States and makes a living to get ahead each day.

The game features quite a handful of playable characters, and each of them have their strengths and weaknesses. One, Andros, is a Ukrainian immigrant with a strong addiction to cigarettes (defect) which is able to eat anything and is very good worker (benefits).

Each of these characters has its own objectives, which will be a series of goals in the lives of our protagonists. Some are more short-term, such as finding a place to live, and other long-term.

The main source of income for your characters comes from selling on the street (hence the name of the game), but you will soon discover that the permits necessary for this are not exactly cheap. It is the player's choice to decide whether it is worth the risk of selling unlicensed.

Among the details to consider when your avatar looks for work, is the buying habits of customers and the type of customers you will be serving. Some of them drop succulent tips and we must know how to win.

Cart Life is a reflective management game with lots of depth, which has won numerous awards at independent festivals. And for good reason. You are faced with a different experience that everyone should try.
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